Monday, September 20, 2010

Experience sharing from Swami Suryapada’s visit

Here is what people had to say about swamiji’s visit to Austin and Sri Sri Ashram.

Gayatri Jayendran

“The Satsang in Ashram was phenomenal and every cell still reverberates with music and grace. Swamiji was really rocking and each one of us truly immersed ourselves in the moment. My 2 1/2 yr daughter could not really stop dancing for the entire satsang even when it was 10.30 in the night. She was bubbling with energy and joy seeing every single person dancing. The Rudra homam and following Satsang was truly heavenly. I enjoyed every bit of the second I happened to be with Swamiji. I also urge everyone to be part of these joyous and graceful moments.”

Usha Sapuram

“The whole evening with Swamiji was so magical. Felt the true meaning of "One Consciousness" when all of us kept singing and transcendng  in his divine presence. Truly was a blessing to be with him. This flawless event would not have been possible without your kind efforts, my gratitude to you all. "Lets move together".

Shyam Gannavaram

“Words can't convey the richness and celebration we have all experienced in the presence of Swamiji these last couple of days! At yesterday's satsang at the ashram, the room exploded with joy, dance and true celebration. His one-pointed devotion to the Master is so apparent. Krishnaji was telling us that Swamiji is scheduled to visit 36 cities in 26 states in a matter of ~45 days on his current tour! What dedication, its truly inspiring!”

Tina Hendley

“ A really wonderful evening.Was apprehensive about entering this room filled with people on the floor not knowing what to expect when a lady named Rochelle (maybe rocha) greeted me warmly at the door with a smile and a hug and invited me to go in with her.Swami G was such an endearing presence. He smiled the most beautiful smile throughout the event as we sang loudly while clapping, meditated, and intently listened as he offered up wisdom in the sweetest and most humorous way that we can apply to our lives here. I really did leave there feeling totally different than when I had arrived. I was extremely peaceful, happy, & centered and am still feeling this today. I am very grateful for the experience and will certainly be returning. ”

Patrick Van den Nieuwenhuysen

“ It was very nice. Certainly the most powerful "ohm" chant I ever participated in. ”

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