Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Do the Yesplus Workshop? (Part 2)

Here’s the second set of experiences shared by Austin Yesplus participants. (You have read the first part, haven’t you? The question we asked Yesplus graduates was “Tell me the most important reason why someone should do Yesplus.”)

First stress release. Second much better concentration in study. — Keya

They’ll learn why it is important to be vegetarian. I believe this is the unique thing about Yesplus. In none of the other courses do we have a debate about being a vegetarian or not… recently I have been reading so many books about connecting meat and cancer, that I believe that Yes!+ has awesome knowledge to be offered on this front. — Ramkumar

E-N-E-R-G-Y. One would realize his/her true potential with this course. — Geetha

My top most reason will be Sudarshan Kriya. — Nitin Satarkar

To get the right directions to solve everyday problems. — Shreya Joshi

To observe the self deep within and develop skills for handling people and situations in a positive frame of mind along with breathing techniques that help in achieving the above. — Uthra

Following are my reasons: 1. For rejuvenation 2. To understand how one should control his emotions (esp. temper) 3. For teamwork 4. Giving importance on helping the needy 5. To learn different techniques of yoga 6. This one is for you and Anoop. You guyz are one of the big reason as you were really good teachers. :) — Kareem Fazal

Because it can be an AMAZING experience for you that can help you change your outlook on life and help you lead a more positive, stress-free life! — Arjun Adapalli

Yesplus brings more fun in your life,opportunity to see the world in a different perspective and lets you experience and understand what SEVA is… :) — Sandhya

To become more aware. — Blaine

Raj had more then a sentence to share.

I’ve to say more than one reason.

Do you want to be more enthusiastic in life?
Do you want to have a clear mind?
Do you want to be successful in career or school?

If YES then do Yesplus. — Raj

My top most reason why someone should do Yesplus – soul searching process. — Nancy Ng

I feel deeply relaxed with Kriya which gives me lot of motivation. One more fact I liked about YesPlus course, few things though we are aware of, but we will never follow, YesPlus brings us to a whole new level of understanding. — Sowjanya

Yesplus is a fun course and meant for anyone who wants to learn knowledge without being said. — Mamta

I think the top reason to do Yesplus would be to take an AOL course with people who are facing similar challenges in life that are common to a narrow youth age group. — Kieran

With the new knowledge and techniques you are able to quiet your mind which helps reduce stress and anxiety. — Elizabeth Draughon

The number one reason that I feel someone should do Yesplus is to unlock the deep sense of belongingness, peace, joy and freedom that exists in all of us, whether we realize it or not. Yesplus allows you to brighten your inner light, embrace your ideal Self and make lifelong friends. :) — Katie Walsh

Ritesh had more then a sentence to share.

I would say that the top most reason to take YesPlus is for happiness! The happiness derived from the Sudarshan Kriya and knowledge / activities shared during the course is like a kick-start to being happy, joyful, and energetic. With your distractions clear from your mind, you can help others and achieve so much more from life with greater concentration &/ focus.

Since the course, I’ve become a Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer and feel like I’m making an impact in my “little’s” life. Such a wonderful gift for the both of us! :-)

– Ritesh Sheth

Stress reduction. — Kishore Paidimarri

1. Its one of the funnest courses. You will have a blast.
2. Experiential so you know what the course point means.
3. Can’t get the concentration breath in any other course.
– Lakshmi Damerla

Yes plus infuses you with positive energy and helps you explore your life in a way that makes you a stronger, happier, and more capable person. — Vishaal Sapuram

In my opinion, Yes+ gives people the perspective of being mindful of every moment. — Bhawna Sharma

Once again, Thank you to everyone for responding and sharing your experience.

Join us and experience Yesplus for yourself. :) We have a Yesplus workshop in Austin Sept 15-19. To find a course near you, visit http://us.yesplus.org/

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Currency of Time

Imagine that everyone in the world got $1000 to spend. It would be used to do a variety of things. Some would chose to go out and party all night. Some might just deposit it in their bank and forget about it. Some might invest it on a child's future while others might decide to donate it to a worthwhile charity. Some might repay a portion of a loan while some might finally afford basic necessities or have a proper meal.

We label some actions as good, some as wasteful and perhaps some as bad based on an elaborate value system devised over time. However, the essence is that everyone got the same $1000. Most of our time above was spent looking at actions, rather than the basic fact that everyone got some money. Even focusing on the amount of money, or money itself distracts from the essence that everyone got something.

We all really have only one currency and that is time. People do all sorts of things with their time - they serve or laze, entertain or bore, create or steal. Debating about how a person uses his time again drifts from this essence. Everyone just spends time being and doing.

What people do with their time has been the basis of all judgments. It has been ruminated on for centuries. All laws, rules, values, morals and ethics are based on what people should do with their time. There is already enough attention and awareness towards this concept.

For a few minutes though, experience this essence instead - the basis of all existence, this absolute time, free from all judgments.

That is Shiva and experiencing it is meditation.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do the Yesplus Workshop? (Part 1)

One of our good friends Manjunath asked us to write the top ten reasons why one should do Yesplus. I thought about it and decided to ask all the participants who have completed the workshop in Austin the same question. “Tell me the most important reason why someone should do Yesplus.” I was overwhelmed by the responses. Here are some of the responses.

To explore inside. Kriya definitely boosts prana and immunity. Purely physical aspect. — Kalpesh Soni

To get back focus. — Mazhalai C

To realize one’s own internal/personal power and the ability to understand situations and be calm if things/people are not in control. — Niharika Nidhi

Apart from experiencing a glimpse of spirituality, learn and practice simple techniques for learning to live a happy and content life. — Sucharit Ghate

To appreciate life fully. One should take it just for the Kriya. But, I think the whole package of life lessons is much more than any book/talk could offer. My key take away was a simple thing – Be happy no matter what! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants more out of life. — Vinodh Kumar

Different experience. — Kilol Shah

Brings dynamism in that person in form of openness, confident… all comes through surge in energy due to practices in workshop. Everyone knows about these good qualities, read somewhere but only practices/kriya makes it reality. — Manisha Soni

Hmm… I think I learned how to have clarity from the course. Now, nothing really holds me back when before I would let the past bring me down. — Sumuk Raja

To get back in touch with how to live life with confidence and enthusiasm. — Ambica Ashok

To me in this busy world, doing yes plus is a special time with yourself, you get to know yourself better, more like a guided introspective experience. — Rangakrishna

I think a course of this sort helps you become more aware of yourself kinda forcing yourself to take the time to think. — Sindhu

People should do it for the kind of awareness and enthusiasm it brings in their young lives and also because it will change their life forever. — Deepika Akella

Makes a person more active/dynamic. — Mathura

I would say to join Yesplus is the greatest honor to yourself because it helps you see how capable your body is, especially when your mind becomes open. :) — Sarah Lovin

Brings confidence and dynamism. — Shalini Batra

It is endless fun from start to finish. — Manjunath

Ben had more then a sentence to share.

The top reason…hmm that’s not easy.

I believe in today’s society we are constantly bombarded via multiple angles and mediums with information that negatively influences our perceptions of each other(cultures and societies) and ultimately how we interact with each other as individuals. YesPlus creates an environment of unilateral acceptance of our diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through YesPlus’s teachings on breathing and meditation individuals attain improved clarity of thought and peace of mind. Provided a clear and balanced mindset we are able to better frame our emotions, understand our thoughts and act in accordance with the wisdom of Guruji and the YesPlus instructors.

An old Chinese proverb(via a fortune cookie): “For the things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them.”

YesPlus facilitates an environment to learn how to be a better person, both to ourselves and to each other.

Articulating my statements above to someone that does not understand humanity’s predicament and it’s individual impacts is difficult.

– Benjamin Block

Thanks to all who responded. :) We will continue to have fun Yesplus courses in Austin, as well as in many others places around the world. Do tune in if you haven’t already!

More sharing from Austin Yesplus-ers in the next post.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Info Session at Liquidation Channel

On Friday, July 29th 2011, the Liquidation Channel hosted an information session for its employees. The session was aptly named "Breath in Life, Breath out Stress" as all of the 50 attendees felt energized yet calm after. Shyam and Poornima led the session and talked about the effects of everyday stress at workplace on our bodies, minds and souls. Shyam explained how achieving success in life might mean many different things to us, but one of the most pivotal measurement of success is to have a healthy body, a stress-free mind and a smile that never fades away. Often, when we are energized, we are not calm and when we are calm, we are in a state of inertia. By regulating our breath, we can achieve a state of inner peace and outer dynamism. Even our emotions have associated breathing patterns! By breathing in certain rhythms, we can enforce positive emotions and discourage negative emotions.

The group at the Liquidation Channel showed a lot of enthusiasm regarding this knowledge. When Shyam led them through Bhastrika pranayams and a guided Ram meditation, the crowd woke up feeling energized and uplifted, and even greeted Shyam with an applause! Overall, it was a great experience and a privilege to have attended this information session. We are very excited with the feedback we received, some of which included "Life changing," "I felt giggly right from the start. Awesome experience," "I came to work feeling very exhausted, I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day. After the meditation, I felt so energized I didn't know when the day was over. I did it again when I went home and slept like a baby."

If interested in hosting an info session at your workplace, contact Shyam (shyam.gannavaram@gmail.com) or Poornima (poornimaaol@gmail.com) to make your office a happy, smiling one.

Monday, August 01, 2011

The world culture festival

Art of Living celebrated its 30th anniversary in the form of world culture festival on 2nd and 3rd of July 2011. Here is a short video of the celebrations.

Also, checkout what Austin's own Anoop Iyer had to say about the memorable event.

Science of Breath

Meru Chikitsa – Ancient Ayurvedic Spinal Care Treatment

About Meru Chikitsa:
Meru Chikitsa can be described as an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique/treatment/system that incorporates mechanical, psychological, bio-force, biochemical and nervous aspects of the spine. The term "Meru Chikitsa" is a Sanskrit word which means "Spinal Therapy".
The technique involves spinal manipulation, breathing and gentle pressure / massage to balance nerve impulses, blood and other body fluid currents to restore harmony of the body. It has also been reported to enhance and bring balance for the spine to restore more "Prana" and to facilitate longer periods of Meditation.

Who can benefit?
Everyone's Prana can be boosted and balanced to positively impact well-being.
Also, an immediate/permanent relief can be achieved especially if one is challenged with headaches/back pain/leg pain/sciatica/carpal tunnel/shoulder problems/digestive problems/leg or ankle pain/depression/low energy.

Experience sharing:
Here is a blog post from Manjunath's blog about his recent experience here in Austin...

About Rachael:
Rachael is a graduate (1998) from National College of Chiropractic USA. Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, she has traveled around the world for the past 20 years and provided healing through 'Meru Chikitsa' for  hundreds of people thus positively impacting their well-being. She also offers nutritional counseling. She can be contacted at meruchikitsa@gmail.com.

Consulting fee:
$60.00 for a 20 minute session

To schedule an appointment, email Sanjeev Mathur at <2sanjeevm@gmail.com> or call @ 512-203-6751