Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do the Yesplus Workshop? (Part 1)

One of our good friends Manjunath asked us to write the top ten reasons why one should do Yesplus. I thought about it and decided to ask all the participants who have completed the workshop in Austin the same question. “Tell me the most important reason why someone should do Yesplus.” I was overwhelmed by the responses. Here are some of the responses.

To explore inside. Kriya definitely boosts prana and immunity. Purely physical aspect. — Kalpesh Soni

To get back focus. — Mazhalai C

To realize one’s own internal/personal power and the ability to understand situations and be calm if things/people are not in control. — Niharika Nidhi

Apart from experiencing a glimpse of spirituality, learn and practice simple techniques for learning to live a happy and content life. — Sucharit Ghate

To appreciate life fully. One should take it just for the Kriya. But, I think the whole package of life lessons is much more than any book/talk could offer. My key take away was a simple thing – Be happy no matter what! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants more out of life. — Vinodh Kumar

Different experience. — Kilol Shah

Brings dynamism in that person in form of openness, confident… all comes through surge in energy due to practices in workshop. Everyone knows about these good qualities, read somewhere but only practices/kriya makes it reality. — Manisha Soni

Hmm… I think I learned how to have clarity from the course. Now, nothing really holds me back when before I would let the past bring me down. — Sumuk Raja

To get back in touch with how to live life with confidence and enthusiasm. — Ambica Ashok

To me in this busy world, doing yes plus is a special time with yourself, you get to know yourself better, more like a guided introspective experience. — Rangakrishna

I think a course of this sort helps you become more aware of yourself kinda forcing yourself to take the time to think. — Sindhu

People should do it for the kind of awareness and enthusiasm it brings in their young lives and also because it will change their life forever. — Deepika Akella

Makes a person more active/dynamic. — Mathura

I would say to join Yesplus is the greatest honor to yourself because it helps you see how capable your body is, especially when your mind becomes open. :) — Sarah Lovin

Brings confidence and dynamism. — Shalini Batra

It is endless fun from start to finish. — Manjunath

Ben had more then a sentence to share.

The top reason…hmm that’s not easy.

I believe in today’s society we are constantly bombarded via multiple angles and mediums with information that negatively influences our perceptions of each other(cultures and societies) and ultimately how we interact with each other as individuals. YesPlus creates an environment of unilateral acceptance of our diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through YesPlus’s teachings on breathing and meditation individuals attain improved clarity of thought and peace of mind. Provided a clear and balanced mindset we are able to better frame our emotions, understand our thoughts and act in accordance with the wisdom of Guruji and the YesPlus instructors.

An old Chinese proverb(via a fortune cookie): “For the things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them.”

YesPlus facilitates an environment to learn how to be a better person, both to ourselves and to each other.

Articulating my statements above to someone that does not understand humanity’s predicament and it’s individual impacts is difficult.

– Benjamin Block

Thanks to all who responded. :) We will continue to have fun Yesplus courses in Austin, as well as in many others places around the world. Do tune in if you haven’t already!

More sharing from Austin Yesplus-ers in the next post.

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