Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Art of Living center address – update on Google

Some reason, Google believes that our new Art of Living center is located at 13699 Pond Springs Road Austin TX 78729 and it is permanently closed.
You all know our new center address is 13091 Pond Springs Road, Suite 208 Austin TX 78729 and our center is open and thriving. I request your help in fixing this. It is a simple 3 step process,
  1. Search on Google for Art of Living Austin and it comes with permanently closed link like below  
  2. Please click on the feedback and suggest the new address 13091 Pond Springs Road Suite 208 Austin TX 78729
  3. Hit submit and you should get an email in your account saying that your feedback is being reviewed
I have done my part and few of us have done it too and I am hoping if more people do submit the change then hopefully Google will act on it fast and change to the right address and show us open.
We appreciate your effort.
We have one more issue with Yelp which believes we are still in our Lamar location, if you are the owner of Yelp account for Art of Living Austin please ping me.