Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Light as a Leaf

I've been with the Art of Living Foundation for a while. In that time, I've attended who knows how many satsangs, from the intimate 2 person ones to ones that have filled stadiums and air fields. I've seen many super ordinary as well as super fantastic singers and performers both dazzle and fizzle. Satsangs with the Guru, satsangs *with* the Guru, and satsangs. It has been quite a trip.

Recently, Swami Suryapada visited Austin for one evening of satsang. It was raining rivers and the atmosphere was intense. Regardless, our center was full of people, and not just the usual suspects. A variety of people were present, many who I'd never even seen before. The room was choke full and the mood was suspect.

Swamiji breezed in and sat down. In the matter of a few seconds, He blew our minds off. I've never seen someone take such glorious charge of a venue with music. Here was someone who could do what the Guru does.

There were no concepts, He shattered them all. He was totally down to earth, rendered complicated bhajans with flair and the group couldn't but participate 100%. There were no limitations, no eastern/western bridges to build, no people to convince or impress, no need for complicated knowledge, people just experienced the moment. It was pure bliss.

In my earlier days, I put a lot of effort into satsang and I saw some of them go nowhere despite my contribution. I concluded that the group intention wasn't there and that it was impossible for me to overcome that. Here was someone who did completely the opposite. It was irrelevant what the group intention was. His intention was so potent and laser focused that the group became Him. And He became the group. So lovely, no limitations, no concepts, no barriers, total freedom.

It was a powerful lesson for me to do my 100% and not worry, nature cannot but support such intention. In fact, such intention becomes nature's intention, there is no difference, no separation.

He was the epitome of being in the moment, so much so that everyone else ended up there too. That night was wild and the memories still give me shivers. I've been with the Art of Living Foundation for a while and I'm still surprised by the possibilities. What a life!


Shraddha said...

I second Ganesh's thoughts. Ganesh, thank you for penning them down. It is a good reminder to do our work 100%, not worry of the results, and nature will support our intentions.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring and true!

Vivek Barun said...

Swamiji is truly inspiring. Keep writing your experiences.

poornima said...

Very well put Ganesh. It was really an amazing and memorable experience. I loved Swamiji's presence and satsang was electrifying.

Unknown said...

Ganesh, how beautifully shared!
I too was floored by Swamiji's effortless capturing of all hearts and minds present on any given day.
And music is just perhaps the most noticeable of his many gifts.....Your sharing of your experience regarding doership and inspiration is as moving as many of Swamiji's own sharings of wisdom.
Wonderful! PLEASE keep sharing...